Up To You released on all platforms September 9, 2020 (09.09.20)

“Up To You” was always written to help and inspire people during challenging times. The song is about us all and how we are each a champion in our own way. It is hoped that people hear this song and feel stronger and hopeful for a brighter future.

Your Smile released on all platforms August 8, 2020 (08.08.20)

Written with a Southern California summer vibe in mind, the infectious pop record is centered around a young girl’s captivating smile that is suddenly noticed by one of her friends, who is looking at her with a different appreciation for the very first time. Her admirer dreams of whisking her away for sandy toes and snow cones on the beach.

Official Music Video

Due to the filming restrictions in Los Angeles, the music video for ‘Your Smile’ was made with Alexander’s closest friends and one camera. The limited crew incorporated all of Malibu’s most gorgeous hotspots and Alexander’s love for the ocean. Catching the odd wave that drifted by on camera, was a must.

If you love a laugh, take a peek at the music video’s outtakes – all the mess up’s captured along the way, made just for fun!

MY CREW released on all platforms July 7, 2020 (07.07.20).

Guys this is my debut single and is about my closest friends, who have been with me since kindergarten. Having migrated from Spain to London to Los Angeles when I was three, all friendships great and small are important. It’s been a tough year for everyone, and so I wanted to sing songs that people could relate to and sing together whatever they were doing. For me, My Crew is a song to celebrate my friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin. We all need a good crew around us, especially in times like these, and I am grateful to have mine since day one.

In May 2020, Alexander headed to the recording studio to make three pop records – ‘My Crew’, ‘Your Smile’, and ‘Up To You’. Here is the behind the scenes of the music cover art photoshoot.

BTS footage for My Crew

Watch the Behind the Scenes in the recording studio for My Crew – OUT NOW