Alexander James Rodriguez Drops ‘California’

As the State of California gears up to re-open on June 15th, the music industry’s newest arrival on the pop scene, 13-year-old Alexander James Rodriguez has released a sundrenched California state anthem that will make Governor Newsom proud to play ahead of any public address.

Complete with the California state Bear Flag, Alexander, who has been compared to a young George Michael, has released the song, and its music video, to celebrate the end of COVID for all Californian’s and what will soon be the start of the state’s summer shenanigans.

With the lyrics homing in on California’s modern party spirit and fun outdoor lifestyle, it is no surprise that some are hoping the teenager will knock the current U.S state of California song ‘I Love You, California’ adopted in 1951, off its reigning position with his high energy pop version of ‘California’.

“When I wrote the lyrics for ‘California’ I wanted to highlight all my favorite things to do in Los Angeles, and the State of California. From Venice Beach to San Francisco, and everything in between. I want this song to be a celebration of all things Cali. And who knows, maybe Governor Newsom and Mayor Garcetti will love it too!”

Alexander James Rodriguez’s music video for his song has definitely hit all the tourist hotspots including Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Boulevard, the Hollywood Sign, Golden Gate Bridge and even Lake Tahoe.

The British teen has practically done the job for Visit California and Discover LA in one clean swoop. Come on Newsom, what are you waiting for?

From George Michael to Dua Lipa, Alexander James Rodriguez, IS the next Brit to watch.

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